Partnering with Trella offers leading businesses an opportunity to demonstrate positive environmental leadership with a trusted and professional partner. Trella’s Enterprise Solutions empower our corporate partners to tell their story and make an impact through cause-based campaigns with measurable results and benefits.
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Trella presents a solution to this complex challenge by helping communities plan, quantify, implement and manage comprehensive projects aiming to advance ecological benefits such as sequestering carbon, air quality, system energy effects, stormwater runoff, land values and aesthetics. Our ecological approach creates resilient landscapes that help combat Urban Centers against climate change
Whether by planning for natural regeneration or tree planting, is at the core of our efforts to protect watersheds and on adjacent lands that have been affected by disturbance events, such as desertification, wildfire, climate change, storm events and insect/ disease infestations.
Historically, restoring forested ecosystems following either unplanned catastrophic events or from planned timber harvests is a top priority for China. Afforestation is a silvicultural treatment used to re-establish forest cover, thus initiating the restoring of forest function. Prompt reforestation allows for the accelerated development of forest structure, species composition, and canopy that provides many benefits including wildlife habitat, clean and abundant water, carbon sequestration, forest wood products for consumers, forested recreation opportunities, and maintenance of soil productivity through soil erosion reduction. Afforestation presents unique opportunities to address emerging issues associated with climate change by conserving and managing biodiversity to adapt to a changing climate, as well as sequestrating carbon to counter greenhouse gas emissions.
In some situations, relying on natural regeneration from on-site seed and genetic sources may best meet management objectives. While on other sites where the seed source has been lost due to a natural disturbance, such as a stand-replacing wildfire, tree planting may be needed to restore trees to the site. Trella's propagation and growing facilities remove seed from collected cones to grow adapted seedlings for out-planting. This assures that desirable species and stock types are used for restoring native ecosystems.
In response to the growing popular interest in programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Trella launched in December 2020 an E-commerce app on Tencent WeChat to serve as its consumer solution platform. Users can learn about the 12 different species of trees grown at the Taizhou greenhouse, and have the opportunity to purchase or gift them to reduce their own, or a friend’s, carbon footprint. After their purchase, they can track the amount of carbon their tree has sequestered to date. By creating a user-friendly and interactive platform to learn about, purchase and gift trees, we are directly contributing to the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
We presents a solution to assessing, quantifying, monitoring and managing urban forests. Trella Horticulture is a maintenance management division team made up of arborists, scientists and technicians who provide innovative horticulture, arboriculture and urban forestry solutions. Our science-driven approach and expertise in sustainable maintenance practices will raise the level of industry standard and establish the new standard for China.
Trella Education presents a solution to climate change by advocating for Best Management Practices (BMP’s) and highest industry standards throughout our service package, including growing operations, transportation, handling, care, proper planting techniques, and long-term maintenance. These practices achieve higher performing landscapes while decreasing our environmental footprint, thereby setting the ‘gold standard’ for China.