New 100 Tree Project!
2021-03-29 20:29:51

On March 11, the Shanghai Baoshan Luming School held a tree planting ceremony. Under the guidance of the teachers of Shanghai Luming School and the supervision of Trella experts, the children planted saplings specially prepared by the Trella tree nursery located in Taizhou. 

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Through a charitable donation by Ms. Huang Jingjie, students in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Nanjing will all have the same opportunity to learn about environment sustainability while making their own contributions towards combating climate change - in the form of planting a Trella tree. 

Children in Shanghai were also able to take part in an open forum discussion themed “The role of trees on humans: from art to education”. Trella invited four speakers to the forum: the previous Ms. Huang Jingjie, an educator combining both western and eastern teaching methods, Ms. Su Yi, actor and director, Ms. Feng Xue, lecturer of the School of Art Management and Education of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Mr. Wu Jian'an, professor and deputy dean of the School of Experimental Art of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The four guests discussed their stories with nature and trees, along with the integration of trees and art. Undoubtedly, much like how the children had planted seeds hours prior, seeds of knowledge pertaining to environmental sustainability and urban forestry had been planted in their hearts. 

Activities continued four days later on March 15, where in Shanghai Jiangwan Junior High School, experts from Trella’s Taizhou nursery made a special trip to discuss the importance of tree planting with teachers and children, finally ending the day with yet another tree planting ceremony.