Trella's mission is to grow and maintain the healthiest native trees that will become a part of China's urban forestry and afforestation programs. Investing in nature through science, consumers, enterprises, education and partnerships forms the basis of Trella.
Science based and technologically driven, Trella has successfully established one of the most advanced greenhouses in China, which currently grows over 500,000 trees. In response to the growing popular interest in programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Trella launched in December 2020 an E-commerce app on Tencent WeChat to serve as Trella’s consumer solution platform. This app will allow users to purchase and gift native species grown at Trella’s Taizhou nursery. Additionally, Trella’s enterprise solutions helps local and global companies achieve their environmental, cause-based campaigns through the planting of Trella trees.
Individuals and corporations in China are starting to prioritize sustainability, especially as the Chinese Government signals its strong support and importance. Trella believes there is a significant opportunity to be the trusted brand to engage consumers and corporations in tree gifting/planting initiatives through technology and e-commerce. Collectively, every member of the Trella community can contribute to achieving the environmental goals set forth by Trella’s partners and community members.